What Is a Window Grille?

Window GrilleWhether you’re studying up on home design terminology, looking to replace one or more windows in your home, or you want to buy new windows for a building project, you have probably encountered the term window grille while searching for information.

Window grille is a window anatomy term that refers to the dividers you often find between the panes of glass in a window, according to HGTV. A window grille is frequently configured in a grid pattern, but it doesn’t always have to be. Window grilles can be shaped like diamonds. Then can also be decorative, and quite elaborate in design. There are creative custom window grilles designed in floral, scrollwork or other patterns.

Typical Window Grille Fabrications

Window grilles can be constructed of different materials. Some of the most popular possibilities in contemporary windows include wood, steel, aluminum or plastic.

A Brief History of Window Grilles

Before the existence of 20th century manufacturing technology, window grilles were necessary, because it was difficult and expensive to create large panes of glass. Smaller panes had to be pieced together, so the use of window grilles became popular.

Synonyms for Window Grille

There are several other terms people also use to describe the dividers between glass window panes. You could refer to window grilles as window pane dividers, sash bars, muntins, muntin bars or glazing bars.

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