In today’s growing windows and siding industry, there is heated competition among contractors to market their products to homeowners. Unfortunately, the industry is developing a bad reputation due to the increasing number of inferior contractors who are pushing low-quality products, operating without a license, and leaving their clients unsatisfied. For this reason, it is essential that homeowners spend a significant amount of time researching, thinking, and agonizing over their decision to ensure they receive a quality job with long-lasting results.

Windows-SidingIf your home’s windows are deteriorating with sun damage, fogging with condensation, developing unsightly water stains, or becoming too difficult to open, it may be time for a replacement. If your siding requires frequent painting, is beginning to rot, suffering from mold growth, fading, or developing holes, then it may also be time to call a contractor for getting replacement siding. Making these replacements may not be at the top of your long to-do list, but they are essential for maintaining the safety, efficiency, and appearance of your home. Throughout our website, we have dedicated our pages to helping in your journey of sifting through the windows and siding industry to locate the best contractors for your projects.

How to Find the Top Windows and Siding Contractors

Finding the right contractor for completing your home improvement project is essential to avoid a miserable experience with lackluster results. You should begin by comparing multiple companies online that you have verified through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Top windows and siding contractors will have an A or A+ rating with very few or no complaints listed from previous clientele. Make sure you read through online reviews about contractors and look at an aggregate of customers’ feedback to form an honest representation of their work. Never be afraid to ask potential contractors for references from previous clients too because most legitimate companies will happily supply you with a list in your local area immediately.

Once you are positive that the company is reputable, you should inquire more about the contractors that stand behind their products by offering a warranty. Since you want to guarantee that the company will make repairs if anything goes wrong with your new windows or siding, it is highly recommended that you choose a contractor that provides a lifetime warranty. Top contactors will also supply a three to five-day grace period for customers in which you will be able to change your mind about a purchase without paying a dime. Also, make certain that the contractor provides an estimate that includes the costs of the products and the installation to avoid any expensive surprises down the road.

How to Consider the Best Products for Your Project

Beyond choosing the right contractor, the next most important step is to select the best product for replacing your windows, siding, or doors for a successful exterior home improvement project. With the multitude of products and brands offered in the industry today, it can be an overwhelming decision. While many homeowners end up choosing products simply based on their look, it is also important to take into consideration their durability, design, energy efficiency, color, material, and operation to ensure you are making the right choice for your project.


When you are looking to buy windows, it is important for you to understand the key differences between “replacement” and “retro-fit” windows for making the right investment. If you are planning to re-stucco or get new siding in the near future, then the best choice may be to get “replacement” windows, which are installed in a three-step process of placing the new window, applying brand-new flashing paper, and replacing the siding from scratch. On the other hand, “retro-fit” windows are the ideal option when you do not want to risk stucco damage because the new window will fit inside the existing frame of your current windows.

Next, you need to make the decision on which type of material you want your window frame to be. Vinyl windows are the most popular choice for window replacement because they are well insulated, virtually maintenance-free, and come with a relatively low cost. Fiberglass windows are also great insulators and can be easily painted for changing up your home’s color scheme, but they typically come with a higher price tag. Wood windows can be a great choice for maintaining a traditional look, yet most require regular painting and special sizing.

Glass selection is also key in guaranteeing you are receiving the best windows that will fit with your home improvement project and overall lifestyle. Single-glazed windows have just one layer of glass, so they offer very little insulation to your home. On the flip side, dual-glazed windows help to trap air between the two panes of glass to hermetically seal your home from the elements. It is also recommended that you consider Low-E glass to provide a high-tech coating to your new windows that will block much of the UV rays from the sun and reduce solar heat gain without cutting back on the lighting throughout your home.

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Several factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on the type of siding to have installed on your home as well. Although vinyl siding is by far the most material used throughout North America for providing an aesthetically pleasing look at an inexpensive price, you may want to expand your choices to include steel siding, fiber cement, wood siding, stone, stucco, or engineered wood. First of all, you should base your decision strongly on durability to avoid having to repair or even replace your siding in a few years. Natural products like wood can rot or crack with damage, while some vinyl products can also fade with sunlight.

Not only should your siding protect your home from the elements, but it should also add to the architectural styling of your home. Carefully consider the color, texture, design, and overall style of the siding that you choose to enrich your home’s eye-catching appearance. Maintenance is another crucial factor to consider based on how much effort you want to put into maintaining a pleasing look. Wood products will require sealing or painting quite often, but vinyl, cement, stone, and metal require considerably less hard work. If you live in any area faced with extreme weather, also make sure you choose a siding that can be easily fixed down the road.

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Exterior doors come in a vast array of different materials, so choosing the right one for fitting your project is essential. Wood doors are perhaps the most common because they provide a nice solid feel with the alluring natural grain, but they can eventually rot or warp with use. Metal doors are also available with a foam core and steel skin to provide a durable entryway to your home. In most cases, steel doors are a win-win because they are solid, stable, secure, energy efficient, and offer low maintenance. Fiberglass doors also will not crack like wood, provide a solid polyurethane foam core, offer the most insulation protection, and come in a variety of finishes.

Orange Door

When searching for replacement doors, you should also consider the climate in which you live to ensure you make a choice that can withstand weather changes and will be compatible with average temperatures in your location. Since your front door sets the stage for all guests welcomed into your abode, be sure to select doors that will coordinate with your home’s style and upgrade your curb appeal. Last but certainly not least, test all doors you are considering for security against burglars. Is it strong enough to withstand an unwanted intruder?


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Now that you know what to look for in contractors and products, we invite you to begin searching through our website to learn more about your options when it comes to finding replacement windows, siding, and doors. Search through our listings of reputable windows and siding contractors in your county, state, or town to get started on your home improvement project today!