What Is Window Cladding?

window claddingPerhaps you’re researching home design vocabulary, or looking for information about windows. In either case, you may have come across a mention of window cladding while conducting your search. What is window cladding, you might wonder? Keep reading to discover the definition of, and a brief introduction to, the concept of window cladding.

Window Cladding Definition

Window cladding is a term that refers to wood windows that are either enclosed in another material or have an external application of another material. The material used for this purpose is likely to be aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl / PVC.

Purposes of Window Cladding

Window cladding’s primary function is enabling the window to become more moisture resistant and weather resistant. Wood is susceptible to rotting and moisture damage; the additional material provided by the window cladding can help to keep the wood from deteriorating sooner than it otherwise would.¬†Cladding also helps to ensure that the windows will be lower maintenance and more energy efficient than they would be otherwise.

Synonyms for the Phrase Window Cladding

There are several ways to refer to window cladding. You could also call it capping, window capping, or window wrapping.

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