What Types of Stone Siding are Available?

Types of Stone SidingThere are so many types of stone siding available, choosing one style can be difficult, but not impossible. Homeowners can choose between real or synthetic stones that come in a variety of textures and styles.

Solid Stone Siding

Solid stone siding is one of the oldest types of siding available. Homes have been made out of solid stone siding for hundreds of years. While solid stones siding was the basis for all other stone sidings, it isn’t the least expensive or easiest to install. Stones are typically heavy and difficult to move from the manufacturer to the building site. This also makes solid stones siding extremely expensive. This most basic type of material is also not very resistant to the elements. Luckily, many other types of siding have been modeled after solid stone siding, so homeowners can still achieve the classic effect of solid stone siding without the cost or difficulty.

Manufactured Stone Siding

Manufactured stone siding looks almost exactly like solid stone siding; however, it doesn’t come with the cost, maintenance or difficult installation process. Manufactured stones are made with molds that look like real stones and cement. These stones are lighter and can be mass-produced, so the costs are extremely lower than the real types of siding, since they cost less to ship than the traditional ways.

Polyurethane-Based Foam Panel Siding

Polyurethane foam panel siding is similar to manufactured stone siding, except instead of cement, it is made of a polyurethane material. The biggest difference between the two is that the polyurethane type of siding is not a full faux stone. Instead, it is a panel that has the appearance of a full stone that can be attached to the side of a structure. This siding is weather-resistant and does not need as much maintenance as real stone.

Natural Stone Cladding

Similar to solid stone siding, natural stone cladding is made from real stone. Similar to the polyurethane panel siding, the natural stone cladding is not a full stone, but rather a slab of stone that can be affixed to the side of an existing structure. Cladding is cut from dense granite slabs, which is more weather-resistant than natural stone. Granite is crack-resistant, which means it is ideal for locations that have extreme temperatures, since the granite will resist the cracking that heating and freezing tend to bring. Stone cladding can be installed like regular bricks as the backs are smooth, though the fronts have surface textures that are closer to natural stone.

Stone Veneer Panel Siding

Stone veneer panel siding has the benefits of all the above options. It is real stone, affixed to a synthetic background that can be clicked into place; therefore, it is the best option for homeowners who are installing siding without professional help, according to Build Direct. Stone veneer is light and inexpensive. It can also be affixed to a variety of surfaces, not just the exterior of a structure.

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Panels come in so many materials and installation options, there is a type of stone siding to make every house look natural, rustic or classic. With so many types of stone siding to choose from, homeowners should not feel overwhelmed by the number of options—they should feel empowered to make the best choice for their home.