How Do You Install Interior Shutters?

Interior ShuttersBy spending a few minutes learning how to install interior shutters on your home, you can save money with an affordable do-it-yourself home improvement project. Interior shutters are typically viewed as a type of window treatment, and the fact is that they do indeed improve the overall décor inside a home. However, they also offer functional benefits that relate to giving homeowners more privacy, assisting with the control of natural light in a room and even energy efficiency and climate control benefits. The good news is that the installation of interior shutters is relatively simple and easy once you learn the process, and you can get started working on your project soon.

Ordering Your Shutters

Before you can install interior shutters in your home, you will need to choose the right style and color for your space. Generally, you can expect most styles to swing outward as well as for the slats to adjust upward and downward. However, there are various options available that can influence functionality and style in the home. Take time to learn more about the different options available so that you make the best decision possible. After you have decided which type of interior shutters to purchase, you will need to measure your windows. Interior shutters are mounted to the inside of the window casing. It is a good rule of thumb to measure the interior dimensions of the window two or three times in different areas of the window to verify that your measurements are correct. Also, pay attention to the manufacturer’s or retailer’s ordering suggestions regarding ordering for the actual dimensions of the window or if some adjustments will need to be made to ensure a sure fit. When in doubt about how to measure, it is wise to order one shutter initially, install it and see the actual fit for yourself.

Gathering Your Supplies and Materials

Whether you have plans to install a couple of interior shutters in one room of your home or to install them throughout the entire home, you will want to gather all of the supplies and materials you need, according to This Old House. Typically, your shutters will be delivered to your home with all of the mounting and hanging equipment and supplies that are needed. However, when you order your shutters, you will want to ensure that all supplies are included. When your shutters arrive, verify that all of the supplies were shipped with the shutters before you get started. Common tools that are needed include a screwdriver or power screwdriver, a measuring tape and a pencil for marking. Your shutters may include a list of tools and equipment that are needed for the installation of your specific shutter type. Gathering supplies and materials together up-front will help you to work more efficiently.

The Installation Process

Interior shutters are typically mounted inside the window frame. There is mounting equipment that must be properly measured for and placed on the frame. In order for the shutters to open and close snugly and evenly, the mounting strips must be installed perfectly. Therefore, take your time to measure and re-measure the area to place the hanging strips to the jamb before installation. You may also need to install the shutters to the hinges before mounting the shutters to the mounting strips. These steps must be completed precisely for the best results. Once these steps have been completed properly, you simply have to mount the shutters in place to finish the installation.

Complete the Project

After you have successfully installed one shutter, you may find that the process goes more smoothly and quickly with the other shutters that you need to install. There is a learning curve associated with this type of work. Therefore, do not rush through the installation for the first shutter or two that you install. Take your time to learn how to do the job properly, and this will help you to avoid frustration and stress going forward. Once you understand the process, it will go more quickly. Keep in mind that you may need to finish the work by applying touch-up paint to your work area and cleaning up dust or debris. The clean-up stage should only take a few minutes of your time.

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Interior shutters can add beauty and style to your home, and they can also help you to enjoy a wide range of other benefits. You may be interested in installing shutters for privacy, improved temperature control or any number of other benefits, and you can enjoy all of them when you install the perfect style of shutters in your space. As you can see, learning how to install interior shutters may take a little bit of time up-front, but the process is rather simple once you learn the proper procedures and techniques.