When Should You Replace Current House Windows for Egress Windows?

Egress WindowsA homeowner with standard windows may want to know when to replace current house windows for egress windows. Egress windows have several important features that are missing in regular windows. Naturally, most homeowners want the safest, most attractive windows that they can get. Egress windows satisfy both of those requirements for homeowners, according to Home Safety Solutions. Find out when to replace your current house windows with egress windows. Plus, learn about a few of the benefits of owning egress windows.

When to Get Egress Windows

If you have standard windows in your house, it’s a good idea to install egress windows as soon as possible. The most ideal time of the year to schedule the installation is during the warm weather months. Having the windows installed during the warm weather season allows a family to be comfortable throughout the process of taking out the old windows. Unfortunately, when windows are put into a home during the wintertime, cold air can blow inside creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for members of the household. Also, putting in egress windows during the warm weather season allows the installers the freedom to move around outdoors without having to clear away snow and ice. Not surprisingly, moving ice and snow off window sills and out from under windows adds time to the installation process.

Egress Windows Improves Safety for a Family

Egress windows are designed to allow emergency personnel such as firefighters, police officers and EMTs to enter a home or business without a problem. These windows are often found in bedrooms where members of a household may be sleeping during a fire or other emergency. A window that will not open all the way or one that isn’t big enough to climb through can be the difference between life and death during an emergency. Even if an egress window is never used by emergency personnel, its presence in a household gives a family peace of mind as long as they live there.

Making a Home More Appealing to Buyers

As a homeowner, you have more peace of mind about the safety of your family knowing that your windows allow help to reach you during an emergency. In addition, if you try to sell your home a collection of egress windows can be a selling point. The presence of these windows boosts the overall safety of a home. This is appealing to many of today’s homeowners.

Enhancing the Look of a Home

Changing from standard windows to egress windows can also transform the look of a home. Though egress windows are designed to increase the safety of those in a household, they are also stylish and available in different styles with attractive frames. So, you can purchase egress windows that are both practical and decorative.

Egress windows are a smart investment for homeowners in a number of different ways. Homeowners who know when to replace current house windows for egress windows can move forward with the improvements they need to protect their family in the event of an emergency.

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