When Do You Need to Reglaze a Window?

WindowWhen to reglaze a window? Do you have an older home with wood framed windows? Is the putty or glazing around the pane crumbling or falling out? When you tap on the glass do you hear a “thud” or does the window pane rattle? Do you feel a draft? Are the panes rattling in the frames? Any of these are strong indicators that it’s time to reglaze a window.

They Don’t Build Homes or Windows Like They Used To

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be sold on replacing their old windows. But, before making such a costly decision homeowners need to consider the quality of craftsmanship that went into building the existing windows, not to mention any historical significance, and the environment.

A hundred year old home with hundred year old windows has every possibility of lasting another hundred years right down to those existing windows. Homeowners also need to consider that new vinyl windows won’t mesh with older home designs as well as the original wood windows will. Newer windows just don’t have the charm and curb appeal that windows original to the home are guaranteed to have.

Is It Time To Reglaze A Window?

Reglazing windows can save you energy and saving energy means saving money. It’s not uncommon for older windows to require reglazing. Wood is a solid insulator. Sure, we’ve progressed to using less expensive foam insulation and newer homes have dual pane vinyl windows, but if your home has existing wood windows with no sign of rot or pests, reglazing the windows is a low cost, effective, preservation option.

It’s almost always less expensive to maintain your home by reglazing a window than it is to replace one window or even all of them.

At least once a year homeowners should do a routine check of their windows to ensure that they are as leak-free as possible. It’s important to look closely for signs of loose putty glazing.

Signs Include:

  • Cracks in the putty glazing
  • Signs the putty is drying out
  • Missing sections of putty
  • Separation from the glass
  • Rattling panes (that tap test mentioned earlier)

It is also possible to touch up existing putty and that may be all that is necessary for some windows instead of reglazing the entire window.

To Caulk Or Reglaze A Window

Window panes are not caulked. Caulking is done where the window frame sits in the frame both outside and inside. The actual window panes are glazed with glazing putty also referred to as “glazing compound.”

You can hire a professional to reglaze a window. But, it is also entirely possible and far less expensive to reglaze a window yourself with a few simple tools, patience, and attention to detail.

If you have wood windows be sure to give them at least an annual look over. Remember, if your panes are rattling, if you are feeling a draft, if chunks of putty are missing around a window, it’s time to reglaze a window.

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