What Windows are Best for Cross-Ventilation

classic-windows-double-hung-3When choosing windows for your home, it is important to select windows that are best for cross-ventilation.┬áNot only will your choice of windows improve air quality in your home, you will make your house more energy efficient. Avoid expensive air conditioning bills when you have adequate air flow in your home. You’ll be choosing an environmentally-friendly alternative to cool your home that is completely natural. Windows that enhance cross-ventilation will keep the air flowing. You’ll be able to enjoy cooler conditions and keep the air fresh in your living space simply by choosing the right kind of windows.

Getting Started: Choosing The Best Windows

There’s no doubt that effective cross-ventilation will be the cheapest way to keep your home cool. In order to save money in the long run, you should do your homework about windows that will provide cross-ventilation, according to White Fence Savings. You can shop online or you can go to a home improvement store to see a full selection of windows.

Take A Look At Your Alternatives

Your choices are wide open for windows. You can opt for double hung windows in which you will open either the bottom or upper portion of the window. A sliding window slides from side to side and allows you to open one side of the window. An awning window has a hinge that is placed at the top of the window. They open outward. A hopper window has a hinge at the bottom and is opened in an inward direction. Skylights are another option that are mounted in the ceiling. Casement windows have hinges on the side. They open inward. When considering all of your options, awning, hopper, and casement windows can be opened completely. These types of windows will provide you with the best in cross-ventilation. Opt for a skylight as well for additional airflow.

Get The Most Out Of Your Windows

In order to have the best results with your new windows, make sure that they are installed properly. If you do not have the skills or tools, bring in a contractor for window installation. You’ll want to be sure that there are no gaps around the windows in order to ensure you have proper insulation throughout the year. You want to avoid leakage, especially when the weather is cold. You do not want to let the chilly air in or your heat out when winter sets in. Screens are also important for cross-ventilation in order to maximize airflow and keep the air as clean as possible. Once your windows have been installed, open them early in the morning. You should keep interior doors open and make sure that you have opened windows on opposite ends of the house to encourage air to pass from one side to the other. Keep your windows open in the evening to take advantage of cooler temperatures. Fans will help you to have better results, assisting nature as you move more air throughout your home.

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air moving through your home. Not only will it rejuvenate the atmosphere in your living space, it can keep your home comfortable in warm conditions. Use windows that are best for cross-ventilation and you will be amazed at how effective they can be in keeping the temperature down, truly making it home sweet home.

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