What Types of Windows are Easiest to Clean?

Cleaning windows shouldn’t take all day! If you are building, remodeling, or simply replacing your home’s windows, there are windows available that are energy-efficient and easy to clean as well. Styles are available to suit your needs, preferences, and budget.

Rotating Windows

Rotating windows are an old European design updated for use in almost any modern home. Each window has a central pivot point either on the top or side of the window. The whole window can be swung open for easy cleaning as well as for excellent ventilation. These can be bought in several different shapes, as well, for a unique look for your home. They can even be custom-made by some manufacturers, according to CalFinder.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have been made for about forty years now, and could not have been called either energy-efficient or easy-to-clean until more recent years. Older ones were generally single sliding, meaning that one panel was fixed in place while the other slid, which was not good for cleaning or for ventilation. Also, the old-style aluminum frames often leaked moisture into the space between the double panes of glass. This caused clouding which was impossible to clean. Sliding windows today are usually double sliding, with tight frames, and have none of these problems. You can buy them with confidence and clean them with ease. They are definitely among the types of windows that are easiest to clean

Double-hung Windows with Pivoting Sashes

Swing and Clean Windows are sliding vinyl-framed windows that have an “unlock” feature that allows them to pivot open for cleaning, according to Energy Swing Windows. When they’re open, you can simply stand in one place to clean both the inside and outside of the window, much as if they were the rotating windows mentioned above. They have been designed to be one of the types of windows that are easiest to clean, especially on the second floor of a house or in other places where going outside to clean the outside of the window would be difficult or hazardous.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are easy to clean from the exterior of a house without the tedium of going into the house to clean the inside of each window. By cranking the window to its fully open position, you can clean both sides of the window from one place. These windows have the advantage of allowing the maximum light and ventilation into a house, and many people prefer the way they look.

Framing Materials: An Added Note

Your windows will always be easier to clean if the frames are metal, color-integrated vinyl, or naturally-finished wood. Painted frames tend to oxidize when exposed to weather, and your window-washing tool will smear the oxidized paint across the glass, causing difficult-to-remove streaks.

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Consider ease of cleaning when you make window choices for your building, remodeling, or updating project. Your window-washing chores can be made much easier when you choose types of windows that are easier to clean.