What Types of Windows are Best for Privacy?

Privacy WindowsOne of the most common design topics for those building or renovating a home is to try and understand which types of windows that are best for privacy. It makes a lot of sense to try and plan this in advance, because the alternative is to go straight into just supporting standard windows with drapes, curtains, and blinds. If you can arrange to have your new windows be the screen that creates privacy, it will make your design efforts look cleaner.

Here are some different types of windows that work well for privacy:

Film Covered Windows

You can actually install standard windows and then tint them with a film covering that can give you complete coverage after the fact. This type of project is often appealing to people who have purchased existing homes and found that they didn’t have the level of privacy they wanted in certain rooms. The latest films will also block the sun from damaging carpets, drapes, and furniture. Film covering is one of the most popular types of privacy glass in desert areas, because if an owner wants specialized windows for the heat, they can buy them and then simply apply privacy film.

Smart Glass Windows

Smart glass is one of the most impressive innovations in the privacy glass industry. Designed to change how it lets in light when an electrical charge is applied, it is possible for people that have smart glass to press a button on their remote control and have the window reconfigure itself so that people can no longer see in from the outside. Smart glass can be custom made to fit any type of window frame and it can even be applied as overhead dome or curved windows in some cases.

Glass Block

Glass block has been a privacy window glazing for several decades. Typically speaking, as one of the types of windows that are best for privacy, glass block windows provide the advantage of having thicker glass than most other window types. They can also be manufactured in different colors and levels of transparency. Glass brick is similar to glass block as a window-like material, but it does not require a window frame to be installed.

Louvered Windows

Louvered windows have been around for over 100 years and have evolved with some models. The hand crank has been replaced with a motor that allows for automatic opening. They are a style of window that frequently has frosted glass or glass that has had film applied to it so that it provides privacy when shut. When open, the louvers point outward bringing direct fresh air into the home. The only caveat that exists with louvered windows is that they aren’t always that sound-proof and so a cover should be considered on the exterior in noisy areas.

Privacy windows can allow homeowners to have the same visibility as they would if they had purchased regular windows. Several types of windows that are best for privacy are normally on display at window vendors and home improvement stores so that homeowners can see what they are buying before they actually purchase it.

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