What is Window Capping?

Window CappingWindow capping is the application of aluminum or vinyl to window frames that are cracked or aging. Older wood frames require a regular repainting and refinishing around the windows on a fairly regular basis since the process of opening and closing windows leads to constant wear and tear. Window capping can help combat this problem, but capping is not a catch all to window frame problems.

First of all, be sure to make sure all the wood rot is removed before placing the capping. Rot and damage should never be left behind and simply covered up. Capping can help reduce the need for future repairs, but current necessary repairs should not be avoided.

Second, window capping is only useful if done properly. According to Chicago Window Expert, poor installation could let water leak through and cause seepage and damage to the home. Make sure windows are professionally capped by someone with experience.

Even so, window capping is useful when done correctly. Capping windows can improve the look and quality of the home. It will seal windows from air and water leaks to improve the functionality of the window. Capping will get rid of chipped and damaged paint that makes a home look old and worn. Properly capping windows can be a great asset to the home.

If tired of cracked and chipped window frames, capping with aluminum or vinyl could be a great option. It reduces future maintenance work and cost, and it can help windows seal the home better. Make sure window capping is done correctly by a professional, though, or it could be more trouble than before. When done correctly, window capping is a great addition to the home.

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