What is the Difference Between a Hopper Window and an Awning Window?

Hopper WindowSomeone who wants to put new windows in his or her home or business may want to know the difference between a hopper window and an awning window. These are two types of windows that allow a good amount of airflow into a home or business. Also, they both have a unique design that contributes to the overall appeal of a structure. But, there are distinct differences between the two designs that may affect a person’s final decision. Consider some of the differences between hopper and awning windows.

Basic Differences Between a Hopper and an Awning Style Window

The most obvious difference between these two types of windows is in their design. Unlike traditional windows that slide upward and downward in a track, the hopper window has a hinge at the bottom of its design and opens inward. Alternatively, the hinges of an awning style window are at the top of the frame allowing the window to open outward. Another difference between these two types of windows is the awning window could be open during a rainstorm and let very little rain enter the structure. However, an open hopper window would allow the rain to slide down the glass and spill into a structure. Many hopper windows have a small design and are seen in basements and bathrooms whereas awning windows are larger and often found in bedrooms and kitchens.

The Benefits of Hopper Windows

One major benefit of a hopper window is that it can be opened completely. This allows air to flow into a room without encountering any barriers created by the window’s design. A second benefit is a hopper window is easy for an owner to clean. This window opens inward making it simple for an owner to spray cleaner on the entire surface of the glass. This design has a lever that locks into place so the window is secure. Frames for hopper windows are available in wood, metal and can be painted different colors to match the look of a home.

The Benefits of Awning Windows

This window gets its name from its similarity in appearance to fabric awning that is hung above a window or door. Along with its appealing appearance, many owners appreciate awning windows, because they are easy to keep clean, according to Cleaning Tips. They allow plenty of air to flow into a home or business. Plus, they don’t have to be completely open or closed. An owner can open an awning window just a crack, halfway or more depending on how much of a breeze the person wants to feel in the room. Awning windows open with the help of a crank so a person doesn’t have to risk injury to his or her hands while operating this window.

Both of these window designs are an attractive addition to a home or business. They are also simple to use. Knowing the difference between a hopper window and an awning window can help homeowners decide which one is right for them.

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