What is the Best Time of Year to Install Windows?

Window ReplacementsOnce you have decided that window replacements are necessary for your home, your next step should be to determine the best time of year to install windows. New windows that replace your old or damaged ones are necessities rather than luxuries; they can improve your home’s energy efficiency and make it more comfortable year-round as well, according to the Department of Energy. When it becomes necessary to replace a window, you will want to choose the right one and take the best approach to installing it. In other words, you should plan your window replacement carefully. Proper planning will include choosing the right season for the installation.

Window Replacement Planning

You should replace your windows at a time of year when the weather is most likely to cooperate. While the replacement process is relatively short, it does not take long for humidity and temperature extremes to cause damage to your home and belongings. You should therefore avoid any situation in which the interior will be exposed to the elements for extended periods. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the impact of the weather on you and your family. Understanding the climate in your region at different times of year is a big factor when scheduling your window replacement.

Window Replacement Seasons

Warmer weather and long days make spring and summer the best seasons for replacing windows; however, this makes it likely that other homeowners will be replacing their windows as well. As spring and summer are the peak seasons for window installers, it may be difficult to get an appointment to have your windows replaced. Another potential drawback to spring and summer window replacements is that your home will be open as the windows are being installed; this may make it uncomfortably warm. Window replacements in fall and winter are less popular and therefore installers are more likely to be available. Note that while fall temperatures are often moderate, this season is usually rainy and this can make replacing windows more difficult. Winter weather is another factor that can increase the difficulty of window installation; however, it is still a good idea to do it if your energy bills are higher than usual or areas near windows are unbearably cold.

Benefits of Professional Window Replacement

Experienced professional window installers will complete the job in as short a time as possible regardless of the season. Usually, they will be able to complete a window replacement in a few days depending on the weather. Other factors include the size of your home and the number of windows being replaced. Having your windows replaced by professionals will give you peace of mind that the installation was performed correctly. Professional window replacement will also allow you to maximize the energy efficiency benefits of new windows.

While certain seasons may be more conducive to window replacement than others, professional window installers are equipped to replace windows at any time of year. They will know how to work in all weather conditions and be able to plan projects for all seasons. The best time of year to install windows is therefore the time that works best for your family and your home.

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