What is PVB (Poly-vinyl Butyral) Glass?

PVB (Poly-vinyl Butyral) GlassPolyvinyl butyral glass is the next-generation development in shatterproof glass. PVB glass is more difficult to break and does not shatter into dangerous fragments. That makes it an excellent option for impact-resistant doors and windows as well as car windshields and other areas where strength and durability are important.

How It Works

Polyvinyl butyral,  PVB, is a clear resin polymer that is very strongly adhesive. PVB glass is made by using heat to fuse two layers of glass with a layer of PVB between them. Because PVB is a resin, it distributes force throughout the glass, making it difficult to crack or chip. It is also very adhesive, which means that both layers of glass resist impact as a single unit.

Benefits Over Regular Glass

The main benefit of PVB glass over regular glass is its high impact resistance. Because of this, it is the most popular material for windows in hurricane-affected areas according to Architect Magazine. However, it has another useful property. Since the PVB polymer binds the two layers of glass together, when the glass does shatter it breaks into large and dull pieces rather than the shower of razor-sharp shards that normal glass shatters into. Because of this, PVB glass is colloquially known as “safety glass.” Furthermore, when PVB glass shatters, the polymer deforms and absorbs a great deal of the energy of the impact, protecting whoever was behind the glass from whatever broke it.

Common Uses

The most popular uses for safety glass are in car windshields and in impact-resistant doors and windows. In a car, the safety glass provides significantly more protection in case of an accident by absorbing more force and shattering safely or even not shattering at all. In household applications, PVB glass windows and doors are popular in areas affected by hurricanes and tornados like Florida and the Caribbean. However, they can also protect your home from thieves, hail and stray baseballs.

Safety First

A result of many years of research, PVB glass is just another way technology has made us safer over the years. Through its higher impact resistance and other safety-enhancing properties, PVB glass is an excellent choice to maximize the safety of your home.

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