What is Hurricane Film?

Hurricane FilmHurricane film is one way that people help to protect their homes during hurricanes and other damaging scenarios. Hurricanes can have winds of over 100 miles per hour and that wind can send debris flying into your home windows. Here is a closer look at safety film and how can help you.

What is Safety Film?

Hurricane film, or safety film, is essentially a thicker version of regular window film. It is a sheet of see-through plastic that sticks to the window glass. Since the film is clear, it does not affect the windows. You can still see out of them as if the film was not there at all.

How Does Hurricane Film Protect During Bad Weather?

Contrary to popular belief, safety film does not prevent windows from breaking. With wind speeds of over 100 miles per hour tossing tree branches at your windows, a thin piece of plastic covering a thin piece of glass isn’t going to prevent breaking. Safety does, however, prevents broken glass from shattering, according to Johnson Window Glass. The glass is wedged between the film and stays there even after it breaks. Broken glass will not shatter around the home and the film will help keep the broken window up so you still have some cover in the window pane.

What Are Other Window Film Benefits?

Hurricanes might not happen often enough for you to justify purchasing and installing window film. The good thing is that window film has other benefits. The film keeps out most of the UV rays from the sun. This keeps your home cooler in the summer. It also helps keep warm air in during the winter. Without those pesky UV rays, your furniture won’t fade as quickly.

Hurricane film has benefits all year around and can help protect your home and family during bad weather and intruders.

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