What is Compression Glazing?

compression glazingIf your windows are broken or damaged in some way, you may be working with a window replacement company to make a repair through compression glazing, or you may be thinking about replacing the entire window as part of an upgrade. Replacing an entire window can cost a small fortune, and many will choose compression glazing to remedy some types of damage as a cost-effective alternative. With a closer look at what compression glazing is, you may be able to determine if this is the right repair method to request.

What Is Compression Glazing?

This is a method that is used to restore damaged windows that may have air or water leaks. Typically, it is used to reinforce older windows or to correct issues related to improper installation. It essentially reinforces the glass window pane in the frame. There are several types of compression glazing processes that may be used, according to Tremco.

Different Glazing Products

One of the most important differences between different types of glazing processes relates to the products that are used. Each window replacement and repair company will utilize different products to achieve the same result. For example, some will use an extruded rubber gasket or a molded rubber gasket. Others will use silicone sealants, glazing tapes or other types of products.

Requesting Window Repair or Restoration Service

You may have leaking windows, windows that rattle or windows that have some other unique issue, and you may be wondering if compression glazing is the right restoration technique to use. This is just one of several different types of repair or replacement options that may be suitable for your needs. When you request assistance from a window repair or replacement company, you can receive personalized advice regarding the solution that is best for your home.

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