What is an Attic Window?

Attic WindowAn attic window is similar to the windows that you may have in other areas of your home, but it is also unique in several ways. At its most basic level, an attic window is a window that is installed in the attic rather than in another area of the home. These windows have unique functions, features and styles that you may need to know about. Learning about them is beneficial as you make a decision for your home.

The Function of an Attic Window

Attic windows are installed for various reasons. They provide aesthetic benefits to the exterior of the home, placing windows at the uppermost areas of the structure. They also allow natural light to filter into the attic. While you may not always spend time in the attic, the ability to have natural light in this space is beneficial. Most of these windows do not open, but those that do provide you with the ability to ventilate the attic.

Different Styles to Choose From

There are several different styles of attic windows to choose from, according to DIY Network. They can influence curb appeal, lighting and other areas, so it is important to choose carefully. One option is to install a skylight in the roof of the home. This is typically only installed for the purpose of lighting in the attic. You can also install any number of traditional windows in a wide range of shapes on the exterior sides of the home.

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You may have plans to build a new home from the ground up or to renovate or remodel your existing space. If you are currently trying to decide which type of window to install in your attic, pay attention to both the style and function of the window. The right attic window can provide you with many benefits as a homeowner.