What is an Aluminum Window?

Aluminum windowHave you come across a mention of an aluminum window, and been perplexed by what the phrase is intended to mean?

Aluminum Window Definition

An aluminum window is a window featuring typical glass window panes, plus a window frame and/or window sash that are made of aluminum. If a window grille is present, it is typically also constructed of aluminum.

Why Would Anyone Want Aluminum Windows?

Aluminum windows offer many advantages over other window fabrications. A top selling point is that extremely narrow aluminum frames can be constructed. Narrow frames are desirable because they have the potential to take the focus of the window design off of the frame; the focus instead becomes the glass, or more importantly, what’s beyond the glass. The result is that when you look out the window, it’s the view that catches your eye, rather than the window itself, according to the New York Times.

Aluminum is also an extremely light material, and it can be used in projects where heavier materials might not work. Aluminum is also a strong material.

Aluminum windows are appropriate for use in a variety of architectural designs, but they are particularly well suited for use in modern style and contemporary style building projects. They also work well in transitional style homes.

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