What is an Airspace Grille for a Window?

Airspace GrilleYou probably already have a good idea of what is meant by the word airspace. There’s also a definition that’s specific to window terminology. It’s typical for windows to have two or even three panes of glass that are mounted parallel to each other in the window frame. When you’re discussing window designs, airspace refers to the space in between them. Be aware that, in many cases, people actually use gas in between the panes of glass, rather than actual air.

Definition of Grille for a Window

When someone mentions a grille for a window, they are referring to the piece or pieces that visually divide the glass window panes into sections. In many cases, the grille is a grid shape or diamond shape, but it can also be configured in other types of patterns and designs.

Definition of Airspace Grille for a Window

So when you put all that together, you can arrive at the following definition for the phrase airspace grille for a window: a window grille that is positioned in between multiple panes of glass in a window.

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