What is a Window Tint?

Window TintMany people think a house full of windows sounds like a great idea. Who doesn’t want to be able to look outside, monitor the weather, and appreciate nature from the comfort of a couch? Natural light is another benefit of windows, but of course, privacy can become an issue.

Traditional window coverings like blinds and drapes are great, but there is another solution that you may not have thought of: window tint. Just as car windows can be tinted to block sun and afford passengers some privacy, the windows of your home can be tinted pretty easily and with multiple benefits.

Window Tint Basics

Window tint is a thin film made of polyester that is treated with pigment or dye. There are many types of window tint. Privacy film is often darker and mirrored, allowing you to look out while preventing others from looking in. Heat control window tint blocks a percentage of sun rays and can help reduce cooling costs in the summer. Tinted film also delays the fading of furniture and interior decorations. You can even find tint that appears to be etched with designs.


Window tint can have a safety function, as well. The Madico Window Film website discusses various ways window tint can prevent damage and injury. Window tint can hold shattered glass together and prevent windows from shattering in the case of inclement weather or burglary attempts.

Window Tint Application

Window tint is a viable do-it-yourself project. It can be purchased at major hardware and home improvement stores. Typically, it will come with a solution, which is sprayed onto a clean window, and with a small plastic tool that you use to smooth the film once applied.

Whether it is safety, privacy, or ambiance that you are after, window tint is an easy solution.

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