What is a Window Sash?

Window SashHave you encountered the phrase “window sash” while searching for information about windows or home design? If you don’t already understand what a window sash is, you’re probably curious as to the meaning of this perplexing phrase. Read on to educate yourself and get the basics you’ll need to know about window sashes.

Window Sash Definition

A window sash is a term used to describe the part of a window that’s function is holding the glass in the windowpane in place. On double hung windows, the sash is the part that you are able to slide up and down. There are also fixed windows where the window sashes are immobile.

Popular Window Sash Materials

Window sashes can be constructed out of different materials to serve a range of different building needs, according to Window and Door. Some of the current choices available are wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, acrylic, PVC composite, and polyamide. Window sashes can be made to resemble wood grain, even if the sash is made of synthetic material and not actually constructed out of wood.

Window Sash Color Options

Window sashes can be made in a wide range of colors. A variety of different browns and wood tones are popular. Other colors, including brick red, burgundy, bronze, hunter green, yellow and many others are also available. Homeowners often choose a window sash color that contrasts with the trim color.

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