What is a Window Film?

Window FilmWindow film is a laminate coding added to windows in homes, businesses or cars. The film is added to windows for a variety of reasons. It can add to the windows appearance, but is also used for its numerous protective applications. Window film is generally easy to install and window film kits can be purchased at most hardware, home improvement and auto supply stores.

Uses for Window Film in Homes and Buildings

Window Film can protect interior spaces from the elements. This includes UV rays, which can cause an interior area to be much warmer on sunny days and cause fading of fixtures, such as cabinets, furniture and rugs. The International Window Film Association also suggests it protects windows from shattering during violent weather or even explosions to lessen the glass flying at deadly speeds. It also helps deter intruders because the film makes it harder for them to break the glass it protects.

Uses for Window Film in Cars

Window Film in cars is not only used for its appearance, it can protect drivers and they’re passengers from UV rays. It can also keep pets, children and other passengers cooler on sunny days. Although Window film offers comfort and security, most states have laws regarding visible light transmission (VLT) through car windows. Law enforcement and window film installers have VLT meters to ensure the film meet the state’s regulations. Many manufactures of cars today have window film installed to the rear windows.

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Not all window film is the same. The American National Standards Institute oversees the grading or certification of window films. Films used to protect against elements such as extreme weather or a potential explosion are much higher grade than other types used for appearance or to block UV rays. Most products will have an ANSI code or number on it.