What is a Shaped Window?

Shaped WindowsA shaped window is a window that has a unique shape or design. They can come in a large variety of sizes and shapes, from very small to very large to cover an entire wall. Although some shaped windows are manufactured in large quantities, sometimes they’re required to be custom-made.

Glass Design

The design of a shaped window can be as simple of one piece of plain or double-pained glass, or intricately detailed with wood, plastic or other materials within the design of the window, according to Pella. In some very modern buildings and homes, it’s usually part of the design process to include shaped windows. Because these types of window are often custom-designed, architects, designers and other industry professionals can add unique window shapes to help the building’s appeal.


Although some shaped windows are common and can be replaced easily, others require research. Old Victorian homes and buildings may require finding an artisan to help design, custom make and replace the window. That can be costly and require a lot of work and craftsmanship for a precise fit. Some window manufacturers can also replicate the window. Many do-it-yourselfers choose to simply cut and replace the glass.

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Since many of today’s homes are prefabricated, even if they have shaped windows then can be replaced by contacting the manufacturer or real estate agent that sold you the home. But older homes and historical buildings, which were often carefully crafted, may require more research or replacing the entire window by resizing it then replacing it with a standard window type easily that’s easily replaceable.