What is a Picture Window?

Picture WindowPicture windows usually are one large, wide, rectangular glass framed in a variety of materials such as vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. They can be combined with many types of windows for ventilation and beauty. Available in custom designs and sizes, these energy-efficient windows let in natural light and allow a clear view of outdoors.

Design Features

Expansive, standalone models afford an uncluttered, panoramic view of nature, seascapes, and urban skylines. Design combinations with other types of windows can achieve function and style for every taste. Various clad options are possible for increased durability and low maintenance. Window cladding sealed to the glass directs water away from wood and can be painted.


Outstanding weatherproofing and insulation features work with natural light and sunbeams to brighten dark spaces and reduce energy consumption and cost. Versatile design combinations with other types of windows and window treatments are possible. Fixed models without hardware and moving parts are durable and discourage break-ins. Modern venting picture windows are available from Marvin Windows and Doors.


Their large glazing, or glass, is more vulnerable to breakage. Fixed models do not allow ventilation.

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Picture windows bring spectacular views of the outdoors inside while keeping its elements at bay. The availability of modern venting picture windows affords endless design options when combined with fixed picture windows. Having a window with a panoramic view of the outdoors frames a living picture that paints a thousand different words each time you gaze through it.