What is a Perimeter Grille?

perimeter GrilleAs it relates to geometry, the term perimeter can be used to refer to the area around a geometric polygon or shape. On a window, a grille is typically a grid-shaped part that divides or defines the windowpanes in the glass. However, the grille doesn’t specifically have to be made in a grid pattern. There are many other options for window grille pattern designs.

Definition of Perimeter Grille for a Window

If you meld the above definitions into a single concept, you’ll arrive at a basic idea of what a perimeter grille for a window is. It’s a specific type of design for a window grille in which the grid lines are placed close to the outer edges of the window — in other words, close to the perimeter, according to Milgard Windows.¬†There are many different ways to configure these window grilles to create customized looks for your home.

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