What is a Louver on a Shutter?

Louvered ShuttersAs you research the various types of window treatments and coverings available to decorate your home with, you may come across the term louvered, and you may wonder what a louver on a shutter is. In order to make an informed decision about the décor for your home, you will need to take time to research shutter styles and features more thoroughly, and a louver is among the most common and noticeable features on a shutter.

What Is a Louver?

According to FarmTek, a louver is the horizontal slat that runs along the length of a shutter. Typically, louvers are placed closely together during the installation process for shutters, and they are connected on a hinge that allows the slats to be adjusted for privacy and light control. Not all louvers are movable, but many are. The width and thickness of the slats may also vary to give each style of shutter a unique look.

The Right Look for Your Home

Not all shutters have a louvered appearance, but many do. The louvers can provide function to your home, but they also have a unique style. Louvered shutters are generally sophisticated and can create an upscale look, but they also may have a casual look that is ideal for plantation-style homes or homes that have a coastal flair. Keep in mind that louvered shutters can be placed in one room of your home or throughout the entire space based on your decorating goals.

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There are many interior decorating and design terms that you may come across as you decorate your home, and understanding what these terms mean can help you to better decorate your home. Now that you know what a louver on a shutter is, you can better decide if you want to install louvered shutters in your home.