What is a Hurricane Protection Net for a Home?

Hurricane netHurricanes cause millions of dollars in damage each year, so if you live in a part of the country that experiences severe hurricanes, you may want to invest in a hurricane protection net. This netting is an ingenious, innovative way to protect your home and property from the severe winds of any storm, whether tropical or that of an inland winter blizzard.

Studies show that hurricanes are intensifying in strength over the years, according to National Geographic. Until recently, the main way to protect a home from a hurricane was to board up all the windows, use roll-down awnings that sometimes get jammed, or metal panels that can be sharp and dangerous. The rest of the property, however, was exposed and vulnerable to the effects of the strong winds. Now there is a product that helps protect other structures, including boats and vehicles.

What is it Made of?

A hurricane protection net is made of strong tear-resistant, reinforced material that has thousands of fibers in every square inch. It can go around the side of your house, over out buildings, or even over an entire home. The material is strong enough to withstand category five winds without tearing apart. Does your yard or patio have a lot of outdoor furniture that you can’t move inside before a storm? You can cover it with the net to keep it from being blown away or damaged.

How Does it Work?

Because the hurricane netting is so tightly woven, it can reduce the velocity of the wind against your windows and doors by approximately 60% or more. It will also protect your home or other structures from flying debris. Even though it’s tough and capable of withstanding the strongest winds, it’s still a lightweight netting that is easy to install. Most of these nets have grommets about six inches apart. With ground anchors and some common hardware, the netting can be installed in a very short time. When not in use, it can easily be stored away for the next storm season.

Shutters, boards, and awnings can only cover doors and windows, but the protective netting will cover and protect the entire building. Some homes have too many windows to board up or cover individually. Covering the entire home with the hurricane protection net will keep roofing tiles from being torn off, as well as any signs or outside wall hangings.

Hurricanes can be disastrous and can destroy a home where you’ve spent many years of your life. Be sure to protect it any way you can. If you still want to board up windows or use other methods of protection, combining that with the hurricane protection net will strongly reinforce your home and belongings to see you safely through the storm.

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