What is a Hopper Window?

Hopper WindowA hopper window refers to a single style window that’s very similar to a basic casement window, since they’re both hinged to open and shut, instead of sliding open. A hopper style window is hinged along the bottom and opens to the inside from the top of the window. Although they’re available in a number of sizes, they’re primarily used in smaller areas, including bathrooms and basements.

This kind of window has a hinged bottom in addition to a locking device at the top. It has a lever-style handle that makes it easy to open and shut. Depending on the specific size of the hopper window, security is a very important feature since it’s often installed close to ground level, which makes them very accessible for unwelcome guests.

Benefits of a Hopper Window

One of the best features about a hopper window is its versatility for smaller spaces since they can completely open, according to Houzz. Since┬áthe whole window opens up from the top, it allows a great deal of ventilation to circulate throughout the room. Therefore, they’re often installed in bathrooms and basements where substantial ventilation is often necessary.

Replacement Hopper Windows

Replacement windows are available from various home improvement stores as well as dealers. The unique window hopper is considered energy efficient and also provides optimal function when compared to other styles designed for smaller areas. One disadvantage of the window is limited privacy. Conventional window coverings including curtains or blinds make operating a hopper window quite awkward.

The hopper style window can accommodate a full-size window screen since the window itself opens in towards the room and away from the actual screen. Window casements include both vinyl and wood, making them quite practical as well as stylish for nearly all installations. Overall, a hopper window is a great alternative to a traditional bathroom or basement casement window.

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