What is a Glider Window?

Glider WindowA glider window is a window that opens by pushing the glass from one side of the frame to the other (usually from right to left or left to right). Similar to a double-hung window, gilder windows are simple, affordable and work well in most homes. Some glider windows are also treated with a glaze, which means they can be extremely energy efficient, saving home owners on heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.


Since a glider window doesn’t have complicated or intricate designs, it works well in most homes, according to Replacement Windows. Glider windows are easy to open and close since they do not need to be pushed upward. Since most of these windows are glazed, they keep out moisture as well as extreme hot and cold air; therefore, they are incredible energy efficient. Glider windows are also very durable.


Since these windows do not pop in or out of their frames like double-hung windows, glider windows are a little trickier to clean. To clean the inside of a glider window is relatively easy; however, the exterior of the window must be cleaned from the outside of the house, which means glider windows are best installed on ground floors where cleaning is easier.


A glider window is one of the easiest types of windows for homeowners to install. After the window is fitted for the space, the previous window frame must be removed. The new glider frame must be installed using a high-quality sealant. The frame should then be screwed into place, and the windows can be slid into the new frame. Finally, caulk is added to the frame to ensure a tight seal.

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Classic and simple, glider windows look attractive in almost every home, are easy to install and are relatively easy to use and maintain.