What is a Glass Block Window?

Glass Block WindowInstalling a glass block window is a great idea for rooms where you need to allow natural light to filter into the space, but where privacy is a top priority. While this is not the only option that is suitable for accomplishing these goals, it is a thoughtful and stylish option that is suitable for many spaces.

Different Styles of Glass

Glass block windows come in various finishes. Many are clear, thick glass. Some has a smooth finish, and others had a wavy, rain or lined finish. The thickness of the glass makes even the clear, smooth glass windows virtually private. However, natural light can penetrate into the room with beautiful yet completely private results. Generally, these windows do not require blinds even when they are installed in a downstairs bathroom, according to the Instructables.

Where to Install These Blocks

You may be wondering how these glass blocks can be used decoratively inside a home. They most commonly are used in a bathroom. Their unique combination of providing privacy without blocking light is suitable in rooms like a bathroom that may not have other types of windows. They also have a rather modern look, because of their geometric style, they may also be used inside the home as an interior wall or division. This may be suitable when you want to separate a space without fully concealing the area with a full wall.

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If you have been looking for a great new addition for your space that will provide privacy without inhibiting light in any way, installing a glass block window is perfect. You can purchase the blocks at a local store or online, and you can follow the simple and easy installation instructions for a fun and stylish do-it-yourself home improvement project. You can get started planning your glass block window installation project soon.