What is a Garden Window?

Garden WindowA garden window is a window that extends out from the side of a house and contains shelves, perfect for growing plants. A garden window is the perfect way to bring a little greenery and the great outdoors into any home.


Since the window extends out from the house, a garden window is the perfect way to make a room look and feel larger. It is an ideal place to show off collectibles, plants or herbs. Garden windows can add extra light to any room and bring some lush greenery into a room. Since garden windows are ideal for plants and make rooms lighter, they give rooms the feeling of a sunroom or solarium without expensive structural updates.


Homeowners should take a few things into consideration before installing a garden window in a room. Since the window protrudes from the side of the house, the window should be installed in a spot that won’t hinder movement around the window. Bad locations for a garden window include near sidewalks or walkways, near other structures that are close to the garden window, porches or patios.


Homeowners who do not currently have a garden window can have one easily installed or install one themselves. To find the perfect garden window, a homeowner should look for a window that fits the existing window hall in their wall, according to the Do It Yourself Network. After cleaning the window and inspecting it for damaged surfaces, the window can be dry fit to determine if it is the proper size. After applying flashing to the opening, the window can be fit into place. A spray-on adhesive and nails will help hold the garden window in place. After siding is installed around the edges, the new garden window is set.

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Easy to install and inexpensive, a garden window is the perfect update to make any home sunnier and greener.