What is a Fixed Window?

Fixed WindowA fixed window is a stationary window installed for the purpose of allowing the outside light inside the building while complementing other windows or improving the visual effects of a room. It is one of the most efficient choices for saving energy as these types of windows can be perfectly sealed and do not require the installation of any moving parts.

The Available Choices

Fixed windows are considered the low-cost alternative to operable types of windows as they are easy to install, and they do not include any hardware or weather stripping. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be incorporated into many different window configurations. They can also be combined with other types of windows such as sliding, casement or double-hung glass panes, according to Green Globes.

One popular option is installation of a fixed window over a larger window for aesthetic reasons. It should be noted that fixed windows do not provide escape routes in case of fire, and should be strategically planned before installation. It is a great choice for rooms where the ventilation is of no concern.

Types of Fixed Windows

Picture Windows – These are often used to expand the outside view and are typically installed in combination with operational windows that open and close.

Glass Blocks – Fixed window blocks are frequently used in bathrooms or as an exterior feature and can be manufactured in clear or translucent variations to provide desired degrees of privacy.

Bow Window – This type of window serves the purpose of creating a curved window design and a feeling of magnified space. They are usually installed in a group of four panes and are coupled with operational windows for function as well as aesthetics.

Bay Window – A fixed window is usually installed in the center with two additional operational windows on each side to provide ventilation and open feeling.

Whether choosing windows for the new home or replacing existing old windows, all fixed windows can be custom-made to the specifications desired by the customer.

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