What is a Fire Ladder For a Home?

Fire LadderHow can your exit your second story rooms in an emergency? A home fire ladder can do just that. A home fire ladder is a rung ladder that can be quickly attached to a window and unrolled.


A fire ladder is a relatively inexpensive product. However, it is something that can save your life. They are available in many home improvement stores and emergency preparedness stores.


You can store your fire ladder easily at home. You can place a fire ladder in a central location on an upper floor. This can be inside of a linen closet or similar location. It is even better to store several of them in individual rooms. They can easily be stored under a bed in their original box or a transparent tote. However, make sure your ladder is always easily accessible. It should never be placed on a high shelf or behind boxes.


According to the Product Review Squad, you will need to do a bit of research to find the best home fire ladder for your home. First, you will need to know the required length. This can easily be done by dropping a weighted string from the appropriate window and measuring the distance. Keep in mind it is okay for the ladder to be a few feet short of the ground. You will also need to check if the fire ladder meets industry standards. Quality home fire ladders will have the seal of the American Society for Testing and Materials. You also might want to consider asking the advice of local firefighters about the types of home fire ladders they recommend. Remember, they see these items in use daily!

Protect your home and loved ones. Don’t let anyone be stranded on upper stories. A home fire ladder is an investment every home owner should make.

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