What is a Dormer Window?

Dormer WindowsA dormer window is a window set into a “dormer,” which is the protruding piece of a building you often see set into many sloping roofs. The dormer provides more usable space in the attic or room directly under the roof, and the window brings light to create a beautiful ambiance in what could have been a dark, featureless area, according to This Old House.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Dormer windows come in different shapes and sizes, all of them adding architectural interest and beauty to the plain, featureless outdoor space of a roof. Some dormers have peaked outer roofs forming a triangle over the window. The outer roof of the dormer window can also be built flat and parallel to the ground, which provides more inside space. Dormer windows are often added during a loft conversion, because they increase the headroom, floor space and light in the loft. Depending on the size, dormer windows can allow entire rooms, closets or home office space to be added. Since the window is upright and parallel to the ground instead of flat on the roof like a skylight, there’s little danger of rain leaking in and causing water damage.

Adding Character to a House

Dormer windows can be just the right size for a desk or window seat, providing an attractive space for surfing the web, reading, or writing. Some homeowners add draperies for a colorful effect inside the nook, while others prefer to maximize the flood of light by installing only minimal shades or blinds.

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Outside the building, dormer windows add character and visual interest. Indoors, they bring new benefits to the room under the roof. Large or small, dormer window additions provide fresh new ways to enhance the beauty of your home.