What is a Decorative Glass Window?

Decorative Glass WindowA decorative glass window is a window that is etched with beautiful patterns and offers enough privacy that the window should not need to be covered with blinds, shades or curtains. A decorative glass window adds a decorative touch to any room.


Since decorative glass windows are etched with decorative patterns, they are perfect for rooms that require a little extra privacy. A decorative glass window can give bedrooms and bathrooms privacy without blocking the light. Rooms with decorative windows won’t need shades or window treatments as they are attractive enough without additional decorative flourishes and provide plenty of privacy on their own. Since many decorative windows are also frosted, they can enhance the light quality in the room too.


The design of a decorative glass window can vary from window to window and be tailored to fit each homeowner’s tastes. Windows are often etched with simple or elaborate designs. Color and pigment can be added to the glass before it is fired in the kiln to project lovely patterns of light around the room, or the windows can simply be clear. Frosted decorative glass windows add extra privacy and allow less light to enter the room too. Colored glass windows can be reminiscent of antique stained-glass windows, yet the modern features outweigh the benefits of the older kind.

Modern Enhancements

Unlike stained-glass windows from famous glass maker Louis Comfort Tiffany’s time, modern stained-glass windows are weather-resistant and can withstand extreme heat and cold, according to Glass Craft Door Company. Since many decorative glass windows are custom-made, they can be designed to match a homeowner’s tastes. Such windows can be cut to fit any window opening and are even available in round, diamond and oval shapes.

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Attractive and functional, a decorative glass window can add a little character and plenty of privacy to any room.