What is a Brickmould?

brickmouldA brickmould in a window can determine if wind, rain or snow enters your breakfast nook or bedroom. It might determine, if not installed correctly, whether your “see-thru” becomes a “walk-thru.” Brickmould is the outside frame of molding that encloses the window on one side, and the opening of the structure on the other, providing a tight fit that keeps the elements out with a decorative touch. It is usually not identified by name until it appears on a construction invoice or challenges the Do it Yourselfer holding his new project.

Name and Size

Originally, the name was used to distinguish the larger size molding designed to enclose the brick used on the outside of many houses. Brickmoulding is 1 ½ inches thick, twice the thickness of standard moldings. Although it got its name because of brick exteriors, it is now used with all materials. However, it remains the large size and seems to work better with construction materials that the thinner moldings


Brickmould is usually manufactured in soft wood, but may also be purchased in a more weather resistant cedar wood or in vinyl. One side usually has a roll for decorative purposes, according to Houzz.


Nature surely deserves windows to appreciate its beauty. However, recognition must also surely go to the unpretentious brickmoulding for the part it plays in our appreciation. After all, It’s keeping the windows and nature in their places!

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