What is a Bay Window?

Bay WindowsBay windows are windows that jut out, or extend, beyond the wall in which they are set. They may comprise of three or more regular windowpanes set at an angle, or they may be much more detailed, or even curved, according to Jeld-Wen. They add to the sense of space in a room, and, from the exterior, make a house look more interesting and picturesque.

Enhanced Views

Bay windows expand your view, relative to standard windows. By their nature they are broad, and if there are desirable features near your property that can barely be seen out of the side of a standard window, they will be more visible from a bay window, as you can lean into the space and look out the side more easily. Bay windows also allow more light into a room.

Ledges and Seating Areas

A bay window may extend all the way down to the floor, or, more commonly, will start a few feet off the ground, like most windows. Because the bay window juts out, this provides the opportunity to have a ledge, or possible a seating area of comfortable size, as part of the bay window display. Bay windows of this kind, especially when decorated with cushions, are a great enhancement to any room.

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Added Value

A bay window can become the centerpiece of a room, add light, and enhance the view. The right bay window can make the exterior of your home look much more appealing and sophisticated, as it breaks up the slightly boxy appearance of many modern buildings. All this translates into added value for your home.