What is a Basement Window?

Basement WindowA basement window is a window specially installed when a basement also serves as a living area. While most homeowners choose to use their basements to store things like furniture and sports equipment, others choose to use their basement to add more living space to their property. Basement windows are a great way to add extra brightness to an otherwise darkened area of the house. However, basement windows must also function as egress windows. An egress window is one that allows someone to escape from a room in case of an emergency. Federal building codes require that every sleeping area in the home have an egress window, according to Popular Mechanics. Not only do basement windows allow needed light and air into a basement, but they also often function as safety exits.

Are There Any Special Considerations When Installing Basement Windows?

Since basements are at a low level, most of them are prone to flooding. Considering this, a basement window is also necessary to install an air-tight basement window to keep out water. The basement’s drainage system should also assist in preventing water damage.

You should also remember that burglars would be all too happy to visit your home if your basement window is at ground level. They can easily break it in this case. To prevent this, many homeowners opt to use shatterproof windows or glass bricks as their basement window material of choice.

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All in all, it’s essential to have a window in your basement if you plan on using it as a living area. A basement window provides natural lighting, ventilation, an emergency exit, and a shield against basement flooding.