What Can Be Used To Keep A Broken Window From Shattering?

Shattered WindowThere are several things that you can do to keep a broken window from shattering. Broken windows can happen and it’s not always possible to get a broken window repaired quickly. Of course, there is always a risk that a broken window can shatter and create a safety hazard, according to Popular Mechanics. Here are some ways to keep your window from shattering until the window can be fixed.

Prevent the Damage from Spreading

One of the best ways to keep a broken window from shattering is to prevent the damage from spreading. When exposed to heat or to cold, a crack can quickly spread across the window. If the crack becomes large enough, the window could shatter. One way to prevent a crack from spreading across the window is to put masking tape over the crack. For the best results, you should place the masking tape on both sides of the window. If the crack is quite large, you can use duct tape in place of masking tape.

Fill Small Holes to Prevent Cracks

Pellets from BB guns or thrown rocks can create holes in a glass window. As soon as you notice a hole, it’s important to take care of the issue before a crack forms in the window. You can keep a broken window from shattering by filling the hole with transparent material. In order to complete this repair, you can use clear shellac, super glue, or even finger nail polish. The material you use will depend upon the size of the hole as well as what you have on hand; use finger nail polish for very small holes and super glue for larger, deeper holes. For best results, fix the hole using several layers of super glue or nail polish. Allow each layer to dry thoroughly before placing another layer of filler in the hole. Repeat the process until the filler is flush with the window surface. In some cases, the repair may blend so well with the window that further repair may not be necessary.

Cut a Circle Around the Crack

You can also prevent a window from shattering buy cutting a circle around a crack using a glass cutter. This fix is for individuals who have the proper tools and are very handy. This fix works because the score mark in the glass prevents the crack from growing thereby increasing the risk of shattering the window. In order to be as safe as possible while attempting this fix, use masking tape to diagonally tape over the entire length of the window creating an “x” pattern. This process be should be used on both sides of the window for the best effect. Should the window shatter while you are cutting the glass, the masking tape will make clean up easier. While using the glass cutter, it’s important to take proper safety precautions and wear safety goggles.

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