What are Muntin Bars for Windows?

Muntin Bars for WindowsMuntin bars are a familiar sight for most people living in first-world countries, although this technical terminology itself is not widely known outside of the fenestration, remodeling and home building industries. If you’ve encountered an industry professional or publication using the phrase “muntin bars for windows,” you’re likely to be wondering what they’re talking about. Read on to demystify the jargon and discover what is meant by this intriguing phrase.

Muntin Bars Simplified

Most people refer to “window grids” if they want to discuss the part of the window that fenestration industry professionals call “muntin bars.” You’ve no doubt seen numerous windows that include a grid-shaped or other shaped decorative piece that visually divides the glass. The piece creating the division is the muntin bar. You could also refer to this same piece as a window grille.

Typical Decorative Shapes for Muntin Bars

The classic grid shape is the most ubiquitous style of muntin bar. However, muntin bars for windows are customizable, and they are also available in many different shapes. It’s typical to find muntin bars that are configured in grid shapes with the addition of a semi-circle, dome or gothic arch style design added at the top of the window. You’re also likely to encounter muntin bars shaped as crosses, diamond motifs, floral designs or polygonal shapes.

Perhaps you’d like to see pictures of various decorative shaped muntin bars for windows; if so, you might want to check out the Solar Innovations website. Their site offers illustrations plus further reading on the topic of muntin bars, grids and simulated divided lights.

Now you’re hopefully better equipped to understand some of the window related terminology used by building industry professionals in their websites, publications and everyday communications. We hope the insights provided here will be useful to you in better understanding the construction of a window, and that it has clarified the definition of muntin bars to your satisfaction.

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