What Are Interior Shutters?

Interior ShuttersInterior shutters excel in adding both beauty and functionality to any living space, but they are relatively uncommon. Even people familiar with exterior shutters may have limited knowledge of their interior counterparts. So, what exactly are interior shutters?

Description of Interior Shutters

Although interior shutters are commonly made of wood, they can also be constructed of man-made materials. They conform to the window by using a fixed-size frame that perfectly fits the dimensions of the window opening. The interior of this frame is filled with either wooden slats or solid panels. Even though the slats may be fixed or adjustable, the entire frame and contents function as a single unit that swings or folds on hinges attached to the side of the frame.

Uses of Interior Shutters

Interior shutters provide privacy for the occupants of a home while still allowing in natural light. They also provide additional insulation for the window, thereby decreasing energy costs. The durability of these shutters also makes them a great investment for a home.

Varieties of Interior Shutters

The varieties of interior shutters available can meet the needs of every situation, according to the Shutter Store. Shutters can either partially or fully cover a window as well as bring in an optimum amount of light. The two most common types of slatted shutters are traditional and plantation, according to the Los Angeles Shutter Company. Traditional shutters contain narrower slats and tend to appear in older homes with small windows. The wider slats used in plantation shutters are modern and effective in covering larger windows.

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With the variety of options available, this window covering can be perfect for any room. Although interior shutters require careful measurement, production and installation, the end result adds value and a custom look to the space.