What are Hurricane Windows?

Hurricane WindowsHurricane windows are found in areas along the coast that are prone to hurricanes. They can prevent damage inside your home from broken glass and flying debris. Many people often ask the question, what are hurricane windows? These windows are made with impact-resistant glass. Permanent shutter systems are a popular type of hurricane protection, but do not offer the many benefits of hurricane windows.

Reinforce Window Frames

If the window frames are reinforced, then the strength of your impact-resistant window is stronger. The frames work with windows to create a stronger barrier between your home and the wind. When wind gets inside your home, the likelihood of the wall collapsing is much greater. Hurricane windows are tested to meet certification requirements found in many coastal states.

Benefits of Hurricane Windows

Impact resistant windows are also found in parts of the country where severe weather and high winds are a regular part of spring and summertime. People who live in tornado alley often have these types of windows installed in their homes. They also offer an extra layer of security from intruders, while reducing outside noise and ultraviolet light. Hurricane windows also improve energy-efficiency by reducing air loss, according to Bob Vila.

A quieter home is an advantage, especially when you live near a busy street, shopping center or school. Click here to learn more. It is important to have your hurricane windows installed by a professional for best results. Look for a professional contractor who has experience installing hurricane windows before the next hurricane season.

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