What are Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane ShuttersHurricane shutters are coverings used to protect houses from storms, high- velocity winds, flying objects and the pressure that may cause a building to fall. The installation of hurricane shutters provides mitigation in case of strong winds around houses that may cause roof destruction, window breakages, or the collapsing of entire buildings. The hurricane screens can help in improving the resistance of buildings to storm impacts.

How Hurricane Shutters Help

Shutters are usually constructed from, plywood, aluminum or steel. The house contractors will affix the shutters to the outside of houses with hurricane clips, screws or a track system. When a strong wind blows across the neighborhood, the open or broken windows will allow the air pressure to flow inside. There is an exposure to how the air can be damaging, according to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration. The resulting air pressure will stress the building’s foundation. Quite often, the rising wind pressure leads to roof failure and the building’s collapse. Even the destruction of household properties and bodily harm to occupants cannot be ruled out. Hurricane shutters can prevent the damage to houses, household property or the injury of residents from happening.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

Storm shutters are either permanently fixed or mobile. The contractor usually attaches the shutters to the house using screws, mount shutters on a track or install a removable panel that people can store during the safe seasons. Hurricane shutters, also known as panel systems, are of three types:

  1. The plywood, steel polycarbonate plastic or metal hurricane curtains.
  2. The accordion curtain that consists of interlocking vertical blades.
  3. The rolling shutter consisting of slats chains curtain. The sides of the curtain will need inserting into the guide rails.

In modern building technology, motorized shutters are quite common. According to Sun-Sentinel, there are hurricane shutters that people control using switches or remotes. Hurricane fabric coverings whose raw materials are cast PVC, polyamide fibers or polypropylene fibers are the newest introduction.

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