What Are Glazing Bars for Windows?

Glazing BarsAnyone interested in the installation of new windows may be interested in learning about glazing bars. These are bars or bits of framing that divide larger windows into smaller panes. Sometimes called sash bars or mutins, these bars are primarily decorative in purpose.

Providing New Windows with an Old-Fashioned Look

One of the purposes of glazing bars is to give newer windows an “older” or more traditional look. If you browse the sites of various window contractors, you will see that the bars come in various styles. These different bar styles, such as federation or colonial, can match the building style of your home and give a newer window an older look. Colonial styled bars divide the window into equal sized panes while federation style bars provide a perimeter design around the window.

Newer windows typically are made as larger panes, but prior to the 1900s, window panes were often smaller, because they were cheaper to manufacture and purchase, according to Sustainable Construction Services. Those smaller style panes become popular in some architectural styles. Today, sash bars can give modern paned windows the appearance of being divided into smaller panes.

Materials and Installation

In general, glazing bars are made from whatever the window itself is made from, such as aluminum or wood. Sometimes they are installed within the window cavity, and sometimes they are installed inside and outside of the cavity. You can speak with your window contractor about options, particularly which ones might be easiest to clean.

While modern technology has made windows more secure and energy-efficient, you can still add touches of historic beauty to your windows. Glazing bars are an easy way to provide that kind of aesthetic touch.

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