What are Different Types of Window Flashings?

Window FlashingIf you are researching the different types of window flashings, you are not alone. Flashing serves the critical role of preventing rain from penetrating into your home in critical areas, and it must be well maintained in order to complete its vital function. When flashing is not in superior condition, water leaks could develop. These leaks could result in costly water damage or other related issues. There are several different types of flashing found on homes today, and window flashing is one of them. The main purpose of window flashing is to seal the area around the sash so that rain water and moisture does not penetrate into the home. In most construction projects, there are three different materials that can be used for window flashing. Learning more about each of these options can be highly beneficial to you as a homeowner as it can help you to make a more informed decision about the care of your home.

Sheet Metal Flashing

Sheet metal is among the more traditional types of flashing that may be used with many types of home exterior materials, according to Do It Yourself. The metal material is usually durable yet thin and flexible enough to provide easily installation around the window and sash. It may be used in combination with stucco, brick and other types of home exteriors.

Vinyl Flashing

When you look at the different types of window flashings available for use with home construction or updating, vinyl is another popular option. This material is usually used in conjunction with vinyl siding, so it is not quite as prevalent in home construction projects as some of the other materials available. However, when vinyl siding is used, vinyl flashing is typically also used. This is a durable material that offers easy installation and long-lasting functional benefits for the homeowner.

Tape Flashing

A final type of window flashing that is becoming increasingly common for home construction projects as well as new renovation projects is tape flashing. This type of flashing is called tape flashing, because is self-adheres to the surfaces that is applied to, make it simple and fast to install. It is also very flexible yet just as durable and long-lasting as the other common types of flashing material in use with home construction and renovation projects.

Choosing the Right Flashing

Whether you are constructing a new home or completing a renovation project, you may need to research different types of window flashings available. Some are more suitable with different exterior home materials than others, and some offer greater energy efficiency benefits than others. These factors, along with the cost and ease of installation, should be considered when you choose the window flashing material that you want to use for your home.

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You may be building a new home from the ground up, and you are taking time to research different construction materials that can be used with your new home. You may have plans to replace one window or to renovate your entire home exterior. With these smaller or larger renovation projects, you typically will need to select the right material to use for your window flashings. While there are different types of window flashings to choose from, you may discover that one option is clearly a better choice for your specific needs than others.