What are Different Types of Window Films?

Window FilmThere are different types of window films for your home or offices that will help reduce your energy bills, give you privacy and improve the appearance of your house or office building. You may wonder how a simple window film can be so useful. According to How Stuff Works, all films provide protection from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun and some give added insulation that helps control the temperature of your indoor air. Here are the most popular types of window films.

Heat and Light Protection

When direct sunlight enters a room, it can cause the upholstery and carpet to fade, and create hot spots that cause the air conditioning unit to overwork. Insulation window film can block the sunlight as well as insulate the windows. This keeps cool or warm air inside and prevents cold drafts near the window or hot areas from sunlight from changing the temperature in those areas. When the room temperature fluctuates, the HVAC units need to cycle on to maintain the temperature regulated by the thermostat. This not only uses extra energy, it will overwork the HVAC units requiring repairs more often. This type of window film also blocks 80 to 90 percent UV rays as well as reduces glare and gives privacy.

Decorative Window Film

Window film that adds color or texture to a building adds elegance and increases curb appeal. It may be frosted, stained, or etched with a design and comes in a wide variety of colors. Decorative window film may be removable and can be used on Plexiglas, showers, glass cabinets, doors as well as windows. This type doesn’t give much heat protection.

Security Window Film

This type of window film will make the window glass shatter resistant. This could be useful if flying objects are often in the area such as baseballs or soccer balls. It also repels burglars, because they can’t easily break the class to reach in and unlock a door. This type of window film is very useful for people who live in areas where there are strong winds or storms. Even if the window is broken, the film will hold the glass in place, so it doesn’t fly around the room.

Window Film for Privacy

This type of film is useful for windows that open on to busy streets. It’s useful for beauty salons, dentist’s offices and other medical practitioner’s offices. It may be frosted or have a reflective surface, and there are several degrees of darkness available. Not all types will work at night, but there are special types that can’t be seen through from the outside even at night.

When you are looking for window film, you need to make sure the kind of protection you want will work on your windows, according to Home Depot. Window film shouldn’t be applied to huge plate-glass windows that exceed 100 square feet. It also shouldn’t be applied to glass that is thicker than 3/8 inches. Window film can be scratched, so it should only be cleaned with a soft cloth.

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Window film can be considered an investment in your home. It will gradually pay for itself if it is the type that regulates the indoor air temperature. It’s worth taking the time to research the different types of window films to find the right one for your home.