What are Different Types of Shutters?

ShuttersToday, there are many different types of shutters used for a variety of purposes, from decorative to actual function. They come in a wide variety of different styles to accommodate virtually anyone’s needs and tastes, including wood, plastic, vinyl, steel, and metal. While some shutters are used specifically for aesthetic reasons as part of a bigger exterior or interior design plan, several other styles are used for protecting both residential and commercial structures from damaging weather conditions as well as for privacy.

Interior Shutters

Serving as interior decorative features, shutters are frequently used as primary window treatments since they’re quite attractive and functional on their own without the need for further embellishments. For instance, plantation shutters are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into many decor styles, including contemporary, traditional, and transitional. They can add a great deal of charm to cottage, rustic, or beach house (nautical) themed decor styles. Besides being a key design feature, shutters often provide some degree of functionality as well, for instance, to control light and manage privacy. A number of shutter styles today offer adjustable slats and louvers to adequately filter out light.

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters also serve as both decorative and functional elements. For example, a home with attractive vinyl siding pairs well with vinyl shutters in bold, contrasting shades that give the home outstanding visual appeal. Exterior shutters can provide a home with a more polished, finished look, much the same way an interesting picture frame ‘completes’ a picture on the wall in order to create stunning artwork. Like interior shutters, exterior shutters also come in many styles and colors to choose from.

Here are some different types of shutters that can be found virtually anywhere and in any climate region due to their popularity and versatility:


Louvered exterior window shutters are built with uniform slats that overlap one another and are very popular and can accommodate a vast array of different architectural styles. To really set them off, choose an eye-catching, bold paint color to harmonize with the primary color of your home, or just stain them for a more natural, toned-down look.


Want a nostalgic, homey look that’s reminiscent of the South? Install exterior plantation shutters with extra-wide louvers that can easily be shut in times of inclement weather, or opened on warm, breezy summer days.

Raised Panel

Exterior raised panel shutters are not only visually appealing, they also coordinate perfectly with charming window boxes to create a traditional yet welcoming garden-style feel. Use rich, dark paint colors to add drama to the look along with blooming, cascading flowers to create a beautiful facade.

Shaker Style

Interior flat, shaker style panels are ideal for blocking out harsh sunlight and bad weather. Their somewhat plain simplicity is characteristic of the traditional Shaker shutter style.

Board and Batten

Board and batten exterior shutters are available in square or arch-top, joined or spaced styles, according to Houzz. Like their name suggests, they’re built from individual boards that are assembled together using battens (short crosspieces). They’re often found on traditional Tudor styles homes that offer over-the-top visual appeal and charm, especially when paired with wooden window boxes.

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Shutters offer a stylish, chic alternative to standard curtains or blinds and have a special way of adding character to both the interior and exterior of the home. They’re also easy to clean and don’t absorb dust like fabric window treatments. Overall, different types of shutters can make a great asset to any well-designed home.