What Are Different Types of Decorative Window Film?

Window FilmHomeowners who want to dress up their windows have many different types of decorative window film to choose from. Some types of film add color to a window while others enhance the look of a window with an intriguing design. Certain types of window film can even offer privacy to a homeowner. Someone can select a type of decorative window film that complements the décor of a particular room and adds extra appeal to the entire home. Consider a few of the many different types of window film.

Stained Glass Accent Window Film

This type of decorative film makes a window look like it’s made of stained glass. Stained glass accent film attaches to the surface of a window just like any other type of window film. It may cover an entire window or just a one section of it. A homeowner has countless designs and color combinations to choose from. A person may choose stained glass window film with green or blue in it to highlight the same colors in the décor. Also, sunlight changes color as it flows through stained glass accent window film just as it changes color when it travels through the panes of an actual stained glass window. This sort of decorative window film is an ideal choice for a homeowner who doesn’t want to invest in a real stained glass window.

Textured Window Film

Some homeowners like decorative window film that changes the quality of light in their home. Textured window film delivers muted sunlight into a room. As the day goes on, the light in a room changes, because of the textures in the film. In addition, the design of textured window film gives observers the impression that a window is made of textured glass. This adds elegance to an outside window or French doors inside a home. It is an ideal choice for homeowners who want window film that allows them plenty of privacy.

Frosted Glass Window Film

Frosted glass window film may be completely or partially opaque. A sheet of frosted glass window film can cover an entire window. Alternatively, many homeowners prefer to purchase a decal featuring a design that covers just the top or middle of a window. A window that is entirely covered with frosted glass window film offers homeowners complete privacy in the room where the window is located.

Etched Glass Window Film

This is a sheet of frosted or opaque film that looks like it has a design etched into it. The ‘etched’ area is usually clear so a person can see through the window by looking at certain parts of the design. At a distance, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between a sheet of etched glass window film and a real window made of etched glass.

Finally, decorative film is easy to apply and is an inexpensive option for homeowners who want to improve the look of the windows in their home, according to Ron Hazelton. The many different types of decorative window film enable homeowners to select the perfect accent for their windows.

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