Where is the Best Place in a Home to Install Tubular Skylights?

Tubular SkylightsWhere is the best place in a home to install tubular skylights? Tubular skylights are incredibly simple devices that enable natural light to filter through a reflective tube in order to offer an ambient, natural glow throughout the room, according to Houzz. Thanks to advancements in skylight technology, more people can now enjoy free lighting sources in their homes. It’s amazing the amount of light that skylights are able to transmit. Starry nights and cloudy days are brighter and clearer than most people actually realize, until they experience it in a room that has tubular skylighting.

Benefits of Tubular Skylights

  • Versatile, Easy Installation Options
    No major reframing or structural modifications are necessary in order to install a tubular skylight. In fact, an installation expert will probably be able to install a skylight tube in approximately 2 hours or less and a DIYer in about an afternoon. Due to its extensive 8-12 foot versatile tubing options, a tubular skylight can be installed virtually anywhere. To enhance the amount of light or in places were bends are necessary regarding the tube, installers can use a rigid tube kit in order to retrofit the standard flexible skylight or as a part of a brand new installation. A rigid tube can offer an enhanced 95 percent increased reflectivity due to its mirror finish.
  • Low-Profile Style Roof Lenses
    Tube skylighting features a low-profile, streamlined roof lense that enables natural sunlight to infiltrate your home while improving your home’s exterior curb appeal. Many skylight tubes today are designed to enhance the overall esthetic appearance of homes. Since sky tubes are very attractive, homeowners have the option to install them on both the front and back side of their homes, without diminishing the overall appearance of their home’s exterior. Essentially, skylight tubing is both beautiful inside and out.
  • Natural, Eco-Friendly Light
    Skylight tubing enables homeowners to keep their electric lights switched off during the day, which saves a significant amount of electricity, money, and also diminishes their carbon footprint.

Best Place in a Home to Install Tubular Skylights

The ideal place in a home to install skylight tubes is any area that can benefit from regular indirect light, some of which may include:

  • Walk-in closets
  • Hallways
  • Laundry rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Stairways

Actually, the only place that isn’t ideal to install a skylight tube is above a computer or TV screen where it can potentially create an annoying glare.

Is Your Home Right For Skylight Tubing?

Since installing a skylight tube doesn’t require any framing modifications, there are basically few restrictions where one can be installed. However, check your attic space to see if there’s any room for a direct, straight run. If you do find an obstacle, flexible tubing or elbows can likely get around it. In most cases, it’s fairly easy to install skylight tubing in a vaulted ceiling since it only requires about a foot of tubing overall.

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Benefits of Natural Light

It’s been known for centuries how the natural rays of the sun benefit everyone’s well-being. People are generally happier when they’re outside vs. remaining indoors, especially during a cold, dreary winter season. Many people are quite aware of how sunlight influences their overall emotional stability. Tubular skylights can therefore enhance this well-being aspect when installed in a home. When it comes to choosing the best place in a home to install tubular skylights, choose an area that will naturally be enhanced by filtering in natural sunlight.