What Type of Skylight Blinds are Best for Winter Temperatures?

Skylight BlindsIf you live in one of the colder regions of the nation, it is important to know what type of skylight blinds that are best for winter temperatures. Having skylights in a home are a great addition for the allowance of natural light into the room, but they are not without their issues concerning cold weather. That is why it is important to know which blinds are the best for cold climate skylights.

A regularly installed window on a home will retain 35 to 45 percent more heat in the colder weather when compared to the efficiency of a skylight, according to the Consumer Energy Center. Skylights themselves come in a variety of styles and energy efficient ratings. Choosing the right style, location, and shading options for the skylights in your home will increase the energy efficiency, retain warmth, and add to the comfort level of your home.

Blinds can be installed on nearly any type of existing skylight. Many skylights are installed with UV protective glass or plastic that will benefit from the installation of a blind or shade system as additional insulation against the winter cold. There are multiple options available including manual or automatic choices. Another factor is the amount of natural light allowance that the homeowner desires. The following examples of types of systems will give a comparison of the benefits and draw backs of each type of skylight window blind.

Light Blocking

This type of window covering is best for bedrooms and media rooms where complete darkness is the goal. This is the type of skylight blinds that are best for winter temperatures. The complete covering of the skylight window allows for maximum coverage of the exposed area, thus creating a better weather barrier.


When shopping for the type of skylight blinds that are best for winter temperatures, it is important to consider the option of filtered light. This variation allows for some of the natural light to enter the room while trapping in most of the heat and keeping out drafts. This choice is best for homeowners who have skylights in rooms that have no other windows to allow for natural light into the room such as an interior bathroom or office.


Venetian blinds are a very attractive addition to a skylight. However, when searching for the type of skylight blinds that are best for winter temperatures, this may not be the best choice. This type of blind system has many separate strips of material that turn to allow light in or block light out. This type of design allows for a large loss of heat and elevated cold penetration.

Solar Power

This energy saving option gives the best of all areas in one. This type of blind can be easily installed in an existing skylight and powered by a battery that converts and stores sunlight into usable energy. This type of power skylight covering is operational by remote control. This type of application can be implemented on any type of skylight blind; blocking, filtering, or Venetian.

The temperatures outside are no joke in the middle of winter. With energy costs on the rise, it is more important than ever to save money on heating costs wherever possible. Skylight blinds are a smart way to save money, reduce heat loss, and receive energy saving related rebates, according to Efficient Windows. One way to keep the heat inside of your home this winter is to install the type of skylight blinds that are best for winter temperatures.

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